Cross-country with Nate


Friday, May 1, 2009

one more post

I need one more post and I can get full credit for the post category. I am going to wright about what had happened so far in class. Well we worked on out blogs individually and then got together and looked at each others blogs and looked at the rubric. After that we separated and I wanted to change my back ground so I did and lost my pics and gadgets. So I am working on getting them all back. I don't remember all the pics and gadgets i had so I had less then when I started.

Hey everyone!!

Hi and good morning! Today I am super tired because I had to wake up early so I am not late to school and get lectured by a million teachers, and I went to sleep really late cause I was playing games on my ipod.
Today is Friday and also may 1st! I am glad cause it is a short day and I can sleep in over the weekend!!