Cross-country with Nate


Friday, March 13, 2009

Jumping Lesson

In my lessons I ride a horse named Nate. He is a great horse but is a beginner jumper, so I have a little harder time riding him because he will some times refuse the jump if I am not paying much attention on him
My last lesson he kept refusing this certain kind of jump called the Swedish oxer. I cant really explain it. Anyway he kept refusing it with me. He is getting quick about refusing the jump. That makes it more dangerous for me and the horse. But finally I got him over, and over, and over the jump with out refusing. So he was better and he learned that I will not let him get away with that kind of things.
My trainer told me that I would make a good horse trainer. I thought that was great because that is what I want to do.....ride peoples horses and get payed for it! She said that because I can stick to getting the horse to do whatever I want him to do and I am not scared of the horse.

First day of blogging

Today is the first day of bogging, I just created a new gmail account. I need to learn about this blogging thing. I think I am going to learn a lot in this class. I hope I can use it in a project that I do but I don't know